• I need guidance for buying Car Audio. Can you help?
    Monoprice offers a line of competition quality car audio components and accessories for your personal or business use. We have various components available which may make it a bit confusing when trying to piece together a system that is right for your listening preference, as well as what will fit your vehicle. This buyer's guide will provide information and technical specification for Monoprice car audio products and accessories for your vehicle. When installing a car audio system the most important part of the process is the planning phase. While performing the installation of any car audio system it is important to have a detailed plan and to have all of the necessary components and accessories available to ensure a smooth and timely installation and great sound quality.

    Basic Components
    The basic components to a car audio system are: head units, speakers, woofers, and amplifiers.

    Head Units
    The head unit is by far the most important part of your system whether it is just for your everyday listening or for that competition style system. The first thing you should ask yourself when putting together a system is "What do I need now and what do I have planned for the future?" If you are just planning on something basic like powering your existing factory speakers in your vehicle then a simple 4 channel stereo with a built in amplifier should be enough for you, but if you are planning to expand now or in the future then a bit more thought needs to be put into the selection of your head unit. Ask yourself the following questions:

    Am I going to be using my iPod or MP3 player with my stereo?
    Am I going to be upgrading my speakers in the future?
    Do I want to add an amplifier to my new speakers?
    Do I want to add a subwoofer later?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we need to consider a few things. If you will be adding an iPod or MP3 player you should consider looking into a head unit with a dedicated iPod input or a 3.5mm Auxiliary jack for most MP3 players. This will allow you to play your device through your head unit. If you will be upgrading your speakers or adding an amplifier you should consider looking into a head unit with RCA preouts. The RCA preouts will allow you to send an audio signal from your head unit to your amplifier via RCA cables which will power your speakers to give you a much clearer sound. Head units will come with anywhere from 1 to 3 sets of preouts (Front, Rear, and Sub Preouts). If you will be adding a subwoofer to
    your vehicle then you should consider looking into a head unit with a dedicated subwoofer preout. The subwoofer preout will allow you to independently control your subwoofer without affecting the other speakers. It allows you to control the level and with some head units you can even control the frequency of the subwoofer.

    Replacing the factory speakers in your vehicle can give you a wide range of sound that you can never achieve with a set of factory speakers. When selecting a speaker it is very important to know what will fit your vehicle. There is a wide variety of speakers available from a very small 3 1/2" round

  • Is there a universal speaker size for all vehicles?
    No, there is not a universal speaker size for all vehicles.